Beautiful City Bicycles That Last

We launched our high-quality, ultra-durable bikes on Kickstarter last year. The first shipment sold out, and our next batch will be fresh out of the oven in January!

We only make 300 bikes in each batch, so they sell out fairly quickly. Reserve yours now, our preorder period ends in ... days!


Hey folks,

My name is Rohan Singh and I'm the creator of SHIFTY CYCLES.

We've built what I think is the perfect bike for city riding, and it's already being ridden by hundreds of people in cities from San Francisco to Seattle, to Chicago and NYC, and even in Stockholm and Berlin. Now we're ready to bring our bikes to even more riders and I couldn't be more excited.

Thanks so much for your support!


Modern bike production involves bike parts and bicycles that are built & assembled in Taiwan and China to our specs. We sell and build one 40-foot long shipping container full of bikes a time — about 300 bikes in total. We cut out retailers and warehousing costs to offer a high-quality bicycle at a very economical price point.

Ours is really a project born out of a love of riding bikes. Almost all of the margins above the actual cost of production & shipping are for: (a) covering credit card processing fees, (b) doing a small amount of advertising, and (c) having an emergency buffer for shipping damage or other issues.


Our bikes are packed full of features that make them the perfect choice for city riding:

  • Lightweight, Last-Forever Material —We use 4130 Cr-Mo Steel to make frames that will last for decades if cared for. This is the same high-quality steel that's used for touring bicycles. It lets us build a bicycle that's lighter and stronger than comparable aluminum bikes, and it absorbs impacts to give you a smooth ride.
  • 3 Speeds to Go Anywhere — We love the minimalist style of fixies, but we also love being able to ride across a bridge or up a hill without huffing & puffing. For SHIFTY CYCLES, we get the best of both worlds with a 3-speed internal gear drive. You can shift down to easily take on hills, and you can coast whenever you'd like.
  • Chainwheel Guard to Save Your Jeans — Our minimalist chainwheel guard keeps the bike chain on one side, and your trousers on the other. Don't worry about your jeans getting chewed up by your bike.
  • Chrome-Plated, Frame-Saving Finish —  The electroplated chrome finish makes for a beautiful bicycle, and it protects your frame from dirt, grime, rust and rain much better than regular paint. The finish is actually chemically bonded to your frame, so it won't just scrape off like paint would. Just wipe it down every now and then and your bike will stay clean and new.
  • Fender & Rack Mounts — Our frames come with the complete set of eyelets you need to mount fenders and racks, and even water bottle holders. Whether you want a pair of fenders for riding in the rain, or a rack to throw your stuff on — or both — you're good to go.


I've lived and biked in cities around the world, from Seattle to Stockholm. Over the years I've had friends, coworkers and even girlfriends ask me for bike recommendations. People want something that's practical, good-looking, and affordable too. Unfortunately, nothing quite like what I wanted to recommend existed.

Over the years, the bicycle industry has become more and more influenced by the needs of road racers. This has led to some amazing innovations and wonderful road bikes, but it's also been at the expense of everyday folks who want to use a bike to get from A to B. Bike shops are full of racing-inspired road bikes, but practical city bicycles are hard to come by.

In the end, each of my friends had to compromise — either choosing a bicycle that was either less practical, lower-quality, or very expensive. I started SHIFTY CYCLES to build the perfect urban bicycle and make those compromises a thing of the past.


At SHIFTY CYCLES, we're big believers in the 3-speed philosophy — three different gears with the right gear ratios to take you where you want to go. A low gear for climbing hills, a middle gear for flats and slopes, and a high gear for downhill sprints.

To achieve this, we use a 3-speed internal gear hub that protects mechanical parts from the elements and gives our bikes the same sleek style as a fixie. All the gears are sealed in a protective aluminum shell in the rear wheel hub.

We use a 3-speed hub from Sturmey-Archer, a world-class bicycle company that's been around since 1902. Bicycles using these hubs have been known to last for decades and have even been used to set world records for distances traveled.

Using an internal hub has many other benefits:

  • You can shift gears while you're stopped. On most road bikes, if you try to shift while you're stopped, the gears will just jam. With our bikes, if you find yourself stopped at the bottom of a hill, you can just shift down into first gear and start pedaling.
  • The chain never falls off. If you've ever had this happen to you while riding through an intersection, you know how unsafe, terrifying and messy it can be. With standard derailleur gears, the chain needs to be slack enough to move up and down the cassette — so when you hit a bump, it can fall right off. With our bikes, the chain never needs to move so it's tensioned to stay put.


Not all steel is made the same, so we made sure to use the best. The 4130 Cr-Mo Steel that we use is super-strong and lightweight. It's much stronger than the "hi-tensile" steels and aluminum used on many bikes, and is literally the same grade of steel used for aircraft. And unlike aluminum, steel absorbs a lot of the shock of the road, even while taking a beating.

Many bikes available online and in department stores are built using 1020 steel, also known as "hi-tensile steel". This is a cheap option that allows manufacturers to build inexpensive bicycles, but it's much weaker than the 4130 steel that we use. To make up for its inherent weakness, bikes built with hi-tensile steel need to have much thicker — and therefore, heavier — frames. If you've ever picked up a bike that felt like a real clunker, it was probably a hi-tensile steel bike.

Meanwhile, our 4130 steel is lightweight enough that our bikes weigh only about 25 pounds (~11.5 kg) — light enough to easily carry up or down a couple flights of stairs.


The electroplated chrome finish is more expensive than standard paint, but we chose it because it does an excellent job of protecting your bicycle. Unlike paint that easily scrapes off, electroplating bonds the finish to the bike frame and provides a lifetime of protection against grime, dust and rust. Decades ago, even bikes that were painted different colors often had a chrome finish underneath because of the protection it provides.

Another handy bonus with the chrome finish is its almost-magical ability to stay clean, no matter what you throw at it. Most dirt and grime doesn't stick to chrome, and anything that does comes off easily with a quick wipe-down.


We're teaming up with transit advocacy organizations around the country to offer a complimentary one-year membership with all SHIFTY CYCLES bikes. You'll be supporting your local bike infrastructure and receive discounts at local bike shops, cafés, bars and other businesses — all at no additional cost!

If you're in New York, each of our bikes comes with a free membership at Transportation Alternatives, a $50 value. Here's the amazing list of benefits.

Stay tuned as we develop programs for other areas.

Thanks so much! Ride on!