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SHIFTY CYCLES is a small-batch bicycle producer based in Brooklyn, NY. Our aim is to appeal to commuters and casual riders with bicycles that are practical, durable and stylish. While style is subjective, we produce the only bicycle in its price range that pairs an internal gear drive with a 4130 Cr-Mo steel frame. Internal gear drives have long been favored by European commuters for their reliability.

We launched on Kickstarter in July 2015, raising almost $150K from 353 backers, and completely selling out of our first production run. While we originally aimed to deliver in December 2016, like many Kickstarter projects we experienced some hiccups with logistics & distribution. Our first shipment of bicycles was delivered in February 2016 and have been well-received.

As of July 2016, we have retooled our distribution pipeline and are ready to produce more bicycles. We have managed to maintain our Kickstarter price point by maintaining a small-batch model and avoiding warehousing & inventory costs.


Rohan Singh, a proud Seattle native and University of Washington graduate, is the creator of SHIFTY CYCLES. A software engineer at Spotify by day, he has been a dedicated bicycle commuter for over ten years.

In 2012, Rohan moved to Stockholm, Sweden. It was there that he was exposed to an alternative view of the bicycle: as a safe, integrated transportation option for all ages — made possible by practical and straightforward bicycles.

Rohan moved to New York in 2013. Finding himself disappointed by existing options when asked for bike recommendations, he began designing and building bikes in his Brooklyn apartment.



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